This could be paradise……Part 2

I think it is a universal truth that time flies when we have a good time. As you can imagine, this happened to us too. Before we realized it, we reached to the end of our trip. We managed, however, to visit the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. After a couple of hours driving, we managed to find the sanctuary. It was early afternoon when we arrived, and after having a quick lunch we took our water bottles and followed the 3km boardwalk trail through the preserve. I should mention that while looking at the different lunch options at the small cafeteria, I noticed something different.

There were crickets in different flavors to buy. Bacon and Cheese or Salt and Vinegar. Original cricket snack!!Although very tempting, I decided to stick to my tasteless turkey sandwich…..

As we learned, the sanctuary is home to different habitats and abundant wildlife. There is a forest of Bald Cypresses as well as many species such as, butterflies, alligators, and colorful lizards.

We were impressed by the Bald Eagles, Barred Owls and Great Egrets. My favorites were the baby American Alligators though!

We saved the last day of our trip to visit Sanibel Island, where we played with the waves, almost drowned but managed to survive….

My trip to Naples, although short, was fantastic!! I felt so relaxed, ate good food, saw alligators and went swimming in the Gulf of Mexico. I had such a great time that I want to go back!!

Since I like to link every trip of mine to a song, I have decided that the “Florida trip song’ is:

Paradise by Coldplay


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